Our fleet

Versatile Fleet for All Your Services

Our fleet of versatile vehicles is ready to meet all your transportation needs, whether for school, tourist, corporate or logistical services. With a variety of vehicles ranging from school buses to executive vans and cargo trucks, our fleet is equipped with the latest technology and maintained in top condition to ensure safety and efficiency on every trip. Trust our diversified fleet to provide you with exceptional service in each of our services.

Toyota brand buses, Coaster model

The Coaster is a bus model manufactured by the Toyota company. This model is known for its durability and reliability, and is widely used around the world for a variety of purposes, including public transportation, school transportation, and company personnel transportation.

Some notable features of the Toyota Coaster include:

  • Seating Capacity: The Coaster can accommodate a considerable number of passengers, with seating configurations that vary depending on the specific model.
  • Comfort: The Coaster's seats are designed to provide comfort for passengers during long trips.
  • Safety: The Coaster is equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes and SRS airbags in the driver's seat.
  • Performance: The Coaster is known for its reliable and efficient performance, making it ideal for a variety of transportation applications.

Hyundai brand buses, Universe model

The Hyundai Universe is a luxury bus that offers excellent driving with maximum comfort. Here are some details about this model:

  • Design: The Universe has a monocoque body that improves structural rigidity and provides a lightweight body construction. This contributes to reduced vibration and better protection in the event of a rollover.
  • Performance and safety: The Universe prioritizes dynamic performance. Economical operation can also maximize your business profits.
  • Comodidad: Con el sistema de aire acondicionado integrado y el sistema de calefacción centralizado, la cabina puede mantenerse. El aire interior se ventila y circula para proporcionar aire limpio y fresco todo el tiempo.
  • Seating Capacity: With a seating capacity of 49+1, the Universe offers a more comfortable ride and has more legroom for a more pleasant and enjoyable ride.

Toyota brand buses, Hi Ace model

The Toyota Hi Ace is a very popular bus for its durability and reliability. Here are some details about this model:

  • Design: The Hi Ace has a compact yet spacious design, making it ideal for a variety of uses, from passenger transport to commercial use.
  • Performance: Known for its powerful performance and fuel efficiency, the Hi Ace is a popular choice for those looking for a hard-working vehicle.
  • Comfort: Despite its compact size, the Hi Ace offers a comfortable interior with ample space for passengers.
  • Seating capacity: The Hi Ace has a capacity of up to 15 seats, making it versatile for different needs.

Luxury Vehicles

Edwards Transport, Inc. offers our clients a variety of luxury vehicles with drivers, Mercedes Benz and BMW... equipped with the highest levels of comfort and elegance, which guarantee quality service and privacy. An exclusive service with qualified and highly experienced drivers.