About Us

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About Us

Established in 1970 by Mrs. Hercilia de Edwards, EDWARDS TRANSPORT INC. emerged as a Panamanian family project aimed at providing school, corporate, and tourist transportation services. Since then, we have been committed to transporting our clients while meeting the highest standards of safety and service quality. Our modern transport fleet is assessed daily to ensure that our passengers enjoy safe, comfortable, and peaceful journeys to their destinations.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to offering high-quality service, with a constant focus on growth and adaptation to new trends in the passenger land transportation sector. We commit to providing innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers and enable us to remain at the forefront of the industry.
100% Panamanian Company
Our Vision

At Edwards Transport, Inc., we strive to be a leading and competitive company in providing school, corporate, tourist, and logistic transportation services. Our focus is on delivering efficiency and safety through a highly qualified human team. We aim to foster a service culture that benefits both our clients and our country.

Our Values

At Edwards Transport, Inc., we are guided by core values that integrate our business philosophy. We act with honesty and transparency in all our operations, prioritizing safety and punctuality in every trip. Our commitment to safe mobility is reflected in the personalized attention we provide to each client, surpassing their expectations with a high-quality service and an undeniable passion for excellenceWe strive to lead the transportation industry by driving innovation and setting standards of excellence that inspire others in our sector.

Our Policies

At Edwards Transport, Inc., we are committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers, thus complying with the regulations established in our management system:

Ensuring the safety of our customers with a fleet of recent-year vehicles, offering periodic preventive inspections at specialized workshops.

Providing our staff with continuous training to acquire technical knowledge relevant to ensuring the optimal functioning of our transportation service.

Encouraging commitment and responsibility among drivers and monitors towards our users and themselves.

Providing a quick and timely response to customers from the initial contact, always adhering to the established agreements.

Conveying trust and warmth to our customers.

Striving to understand and address the needs of our customers, responding to any complaints and grievances as quickly as possible.

Continuously improving quality management and process performance.

Our Team

Our team at Edwards Transport, Inc. is comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to our mission of providing exceptional transportation services. From our drivers to our administrative staff, each team member contributes to our culture of excellence and customer service. We take pride in working together to ensure the safety, punctuality, and satisfaction of our clients on every journey. With unwavering dedication and a shared passion for our work, our team is the heart of our company and the key to our continued success.

Teo Edwards
CEO Edwards Transport, INC.

Teo Edwards, our CEO and Director of the company, leads with vision and passion. With vast experience in the transportation industry, Teo guides our team with integrity and determination. His commitment to excellence propels every team member to achieve new levels of performance and customer service. As an inspiring leader, Teo fosters a culture of collaboration and growth within our company, ensuring that every action is aligned with our mission of providing exceptional transportation services. His visionary leadership is fundamental to the ongoing success of Edwards Transport, Inc.

Edilberto Morales
Administrator and Logistics Manager

Our Administrator, Edilberto Morales, is a cornerstone at Edwards Transport, Inc. With his experience and organizational skills, Edilberto efficiently leads the daily operations of our company. His focus on efficiency and quality ensures that every aspect of our transportation service is carefully coordinated and executed. Edilberto is a dedicated leader who inspires our team to achieve their goals and uphold the highest standards of customer service. His contribution is invaluable to the ongoing success of our company.

Tanara Jimenez
Operations Manager

Our Head Monitor ensures the safety and comfort of our students on every journey, ensuring quality and professionalism in our school transportation service, contributing to the success and reputation of our company. 

Kimberly Pacheco
Billing and Collections

Kimberly Pacheco, our Billing and Collections Assistant, plays a crucial role at Edwards Transport, Inc. Her efficiency and attention to detail keep our operations running smoothly.

Suyitza Waldron
Administrative Assistant

Suyitza Waldron, our Administrative Assistant, plays a crucial role at Edwards Transport, Inc. Her efficiency and attention to detail keep our operations running smoothly.

Our Monitors

The monitors, responsible for safety and rule enforcement on the bus, ensure the well-being of the children throughout the journey. Their dedication and attention ensure a safe and orderly environment, providing peace of mind to parents and a smooth ride for the young passengers.

Certified Drivers
Our Core

Our team of drivers, highly skilled and reliable, are the backbone of Edwards Transport, Inc. Their dedication and experience ensure safe and comfortable journeys for our clients at all times.

Our services

Our services offer reliable and safe transportation solutions to meet the needs of our customers.